5 Best Casinos In the world

Casinos In the world

5 Best Casinos In the world

The Venetian Macao

The biggest and most memorable casino of all times is the Venetian Macao. It is also a pilgrimage spot to all the gamblers in the entire world. It is so humongous you have to visit it to believe it. It indeed cost a fortune to build that magnificent edifice of gambling. If you think money can buy you an extravaganza, then this is the place. If you are planning to go to Macao, this place can never go out of sight. It is rather hard to miss this place on your checklist. It has around several thousand slot machines and a couple of dozen of restaurants. It is built to compete against all the 96ace casinos at Las Vegas. But believe us it’s far more of a surprising experience here.

The Atlantis resort and casino

This place is rather the missing or lost the city of Atlantis. You cannot believe what you see here. This place is bamboozling to look at. It is located in the Paradise Island at the Bahamas. It is rather a peninsula than a live casino holdem สล็อต and is surrounded by a huge lagoon which engulfs the sand and the twin towers wherein the Atlantis stands. It is more of multiple cities rather than a single area. The resort is split up into two different towers, both of them magnificent than the other. It is surrounded by the milk powder-like white sand, and a blue sapphire filled lake “The lagoon”. It also has around a thousand game boards. It even hosts the poker stars Caribbean adventure games.

The Bellagio

Truly a show stopper of Las Vegas. This casino has featured in many Hollywood movies such as Ocean 11. If you have seen the film, then it’s no excuse that it is splendid and a piece of artwork in Vegas city. As there is no exception like the other world’s best casinos, this is also a humongous structure as it is. Las Vegas is the Mecca for gamblers the Bellagio is just like the icing a cake. Many famous celebrities and actors stay here and enjoy the rest of their experiences in the city of Las Vegas in this splendid hotel.

Sun City casino resort 

Sun City Casino resort is like a palace inside the Amazon forest. Filled with luscious greenery, it is hard to believe how they possibly constructed this piece of beauty. It is a work of art and requires great craftsmanship rather the less. There are different suites available for the customers, some being more of the adventurer type or the wine-sipping lads.


Marina bay sands

This is straight out of a scientific movie. It is built in such a way that it looks like a massive sailboat inverted and kept on top. It has been featured in many of Tom cruise’s films. It has a vast area around it called the gardens by the bay, which is heavenly in itself. You must once in a lifetime visit the same.


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