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If you've taken the time to plant a garden, then you know the pleasures that a garden bestows: the explosion of color, the fragrances that attract our wilder friends, the soft textures of plants as they caress our skin. But more than this, a garden is a place of beauty, a place to escape from the workaday world. It's here that we can savor the abundant wonders that spring forth from this marvelous land we call home.


Since 1986 we've taken pride in offering one of the best selections of native plants in Central Texas. The majority of our plants grow right here in the nursery, where they become acclimated to our soil,water and climate. We encourage the long-term health of the plant, feeding the soil and using organic pest control. When you buy a plant here, it already knows this is home, and it's more likely to make an easy transition to your landscape.



The lawns are browning and trees are wilting, must be Summertime! The deliciously wet spring pushed everyone's planting season back a little so we've continued to be well stocked with perennials, shrubs, annual color, etc. in order to satisfy those of you who are still getting your gardening fix. We've got all the ammendments and watering accoutrements that you'll need to get those roots established and minimize the stress related to planting certain things this time of year. Its still a good time to get tropicals going and palms and cacti love a warm soil temperature. Come check it out!

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